Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Time-Traveling Bird Shuts Europe’s Super Collider, Saves Universe


Wow! What an interesting article. A multi billion dollar machine called the Large Hardon Collidor is designed to recreate what existed a "trillionth" of a second after the big bang theory. As a result, the Large Hardon Collidor is said to recreate the subatomic particles that is thought to have created mass. The Large Hardon Collidor is fascinating. Recreating the big bang could lead to a vast amount of new information regarding sciences. Unfortunately, the recreation of the big bang may wipe out all types of life on earth. Such disasters that could arise are mini black holes and explosions that will have a greater magnitude than any previous explosions earth has experience. I am not sure if the benefits will outweigh the costs on this one. Perhaps it is divine intervention that a bird dropped a piece of bread. Prolonging the LHC to recreate the Big Bang. Who knows what lies a head.
PS. I had no idea the lead guitarist from queen is a doctor in astrophysist.

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