Thursday, December 10, 2009

Club helps English students with job search

This article describes what college students should be doing when searching for a job after graduating from college. English majors have developed a new job club at their university. This club was organized because English majors have been having a hard time finding jobs in this current job market. Having an English major is stated as, "a broad enough major that you can do a lot of things with." Students have been meeting in this club to direct them down a career path. Students in this club get together to network, "review internships, salary statistics from, and career books." Current students that are involved with this job club have been describing it as a huge help when searching for careers. Another helpful way of searching for careers have been meeting with career counselor's or "consultants." Meeting in career clubs and with career consultants is a great step toward landing a career. These clubs should be at everywhere university and college.

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